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Terms and Conditions


In order to avail and service or information regarding the same, you may be asked to give personal data like name, contact number, email address and many other credentials. Any information related to you while registration is accurate and updated. You should not impersonate someone else details other than yourself. Our website should not be used for any illegal purpose and your attempt should not violate any laws.


You are allowed to use the site and its services for any authorized purpose. You agree to be responsible financially for any transactions made for any purchases of products and services. You are not authorized to post or share any details of the site that violates company policies and others right or even possess any obscene and profane act that encourages certain conduct that may lead to criminal offense or again in way violate any company-maintained law.


Any of our services are provided subject to our approval and acceptance of your confirmed order. We reserve the authority to deny service to your order, product without any obligation for assigning reasons for doing so. No order is completely accepted by our firm till the payment is processed. At any point of time, we may change any aspect or segment of the site as per our amendments and demand.


The site and its branch companies possess links and names of third-party resources. You agree that our company is not responsible for the accuracy, availability, policies and contents of the associated third-party resources. Any sort of linkage doesn't imply to any endorsement or any sort of affiliation from Indian Detailing Garage accept sole responsibility for any risk arising from the usage of the resources and website.